Most businesses, when working on INNOVATION work on products, services, R&D, marketing…
But what about their innovative products or services in 5 to 10 years, if the people are not empowered, if they haven’t learned how to collaborate more efficiently, and if the organisation doesn’t adapt to the human functioning ?

The team of TRANSFORM… can help you to be more innovative through  three proved and original practices : 

You want to measure  and to benchmark your innovation capabilities ? We use the “InnoSurvey” 

You want  to built an action plan ?  We do an  “InnoSurvey Analysis and Recommendations” (IAR)

You want to have quick  and sustainable results ? We practice a “Minimum Viable Innovation System” (MVIS), taking into account that Innovation can only be mastered with an adaptive, flexible, individualized strategy that combines deep analytics with creativity on the fly.

Then, there are 2 possibilities:

– either you have enough input to continue innovating on  your own.

– either you want to develop an “innovation culture” in your organisation and we can help you achieve this by developing, the Global Innovation and the Agility with you.