The COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP is crucial by creating transition levers, in uncertain and turbulent times.

It’s more than a ”trendy” organizational philosophy !

It is a vital source of competitive advantage in today’s highly networked, team-based, and partnership-oriented business environments.

It requires a deliberate shift away from command-and-control, and comes after centuries of pyramidal system and  after many years of « illusory participation », during which the leaders proposed, consulted, listened… while giving themselves the power of the final decision…

The leaders who will take this direction will activate their thoughts and their actions for a mode of work as benevolent as efficient creating an environment where people can unite behind a common purpose, vision and set of values…

More and more organizations in the world, already see the beneficial effects of this change of governance.

The COLLABORATION, in the business world , is practiced at all levels. It is practiced by everyone, it works with a collective development as productive as spreading.

It can become your « corporate culture ».

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the human behaviour, we help to strengthen the ability of teams to collaborate and to work as one collaborative unit.

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