Over the past decade, our Swedish partner Innovation Group 360 has developed the InnoSurvey ™ (a complete solution of analyses and tools used to carry out strategic and innovative projects.)

It is one of the most advanced innovation consulting groups in the world. It has used his methods in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA to measure the business innovation strategy.
Among other things, it accompanies the United Arab Emirates to become one of the most attractive countries in 2021. It also signed a major support contract with China Euro Vehicles Technology, the main technology center in China for the manufacturing of motor vehicles (Volvo, Proton, Lotus, Lynck & co).

The process requires addressing different areas of their organizational environment, including strategy, culture, individuals, systems, processes, governance, competitive landscape…
Our company has already measured the impact its diagnoses could have on the companies that benefited from them.

By using with you the InnoSurvey™, TRANSFORM… can maximize your potential in just a few months.

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