Most of the businesses, when working on innovation, work on products, services, R&D, marketing…But where will they be with their innovative products or services in 5 to 10 years, if the people are not empowered and if they haven’t learned how to collaborate, and if the organisation doesn’t adapt to the human functioning ?

How do Transform work concretely ?

In order to help our clients to be more agile, we help them first to sharpen their innovation capability and re-innovate their value propositions.

This is why, we approach the innovation at 360°, where we work on all human aspects.

A four steps process :

– Speeding up digitalisation and global go-to-market projects.

– Innovation in strategy and business development.

– Fostering collaboration as an essential part of the innovation process.

– Developing the knowledge of the human behaviour, to know how to have the right behaviour in any circumstances…

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the human behaviour, we help to strengthen the ability of teams to collaborate, and work as one collaborative unit.

The development of the collaboration is based on our experience with many teams and organizations and through the NBA (Neurocognitive & Behavioral Approach) in which we are certified practitioners.

We start with an InnoSurvey  which is a tool to do an extended innovation assessment.

Then we do an IAR (InnoSurvey Analysis with Recommendations).

After that we can practice with you the MVIS (Minimum Viable Innovation System) This approach is one of the main recommendations we normaly  propose to start with. While learning by doing, you will have results within  3 months.

Having done this, there are 2 possibilities:

– or you have enough input to continue innovating by your own.

– or you really want to develop an innovation culture in your organisation and we can help you to achieve that.