Most of the businesses, when working on INNOVATION work on products, services, R&D, marketing…
But where will they be with their innovative products or services in 5 to 10 years, if the people are not empowered, if they haven’t learned how to collaborate more efficiently, and if the organisation doesn’t adapt to the human functioning ?

The team of TRANSFORM… can help you to be more innovative with  three proved and original practices : 

Would you like to measure  and to benchmark your innovation capabilities ? We use the « InnoSurvey » 

Would you like to built an action plan ?  We do an  « InnoSurvey Analysis and Recommendations » (IAR)

Would you like to have quick  and sustainable results ?  We practice  a « Minimum Viable Innovation System » (MVIS)

Having done this, there are 2 possibilities:

– or you have enough input to continue innovating by your own.

– or you want to develop an « innovation culture » in your organisation and we can help you to achieve that by developing with you, the Global Innovation and the Agility.