INNOSURVEY :  is a participative, fast method of Innovation diagnosis, adapted to every case.

Is a very effective coach based on irrefutable concrete data, among which a « benchmark » using the most important database of innovation to the world (that the biggest offices of consultancy service do not have), which will reveal you 16 aspects of the innovation, will identify your strengths and your potential and, especially, will allow to compare you to the most innovative organizations of the market.

The world leading tool for assessing, improving, aligning and tracking Innovation Strategy and Capabilities.

By studying over 1.000 companies in 62 countries and all continents over the past years, our partner Innovation360 Group has not just built the largest 360-database with multiple respondents in each company, but they have also been able to refine and develop their methods for analysis and management of innovation.

Aligning strategy, leadership style, culture, capabilities and competences is the key to success in building an innovative and sustainable business in today’s ever changing market context.

With the InnoSurvey,  the team of Transform can assess with you at 16 innovation capabilities and you will have an internal benchmark with your stakeholders and external with your market.

To be able to use the InnoSurvey one needs to be trained and certified, which is the case with Michel Wils who is a Licensed InnoSurvey Pratctionner. He has trained his colleagues to be able to assist him.