To be able to respond to the different challenges you face today, the business-culture might need to evolve.

From an ego to an eco based system.

The notion of “world consciousness” could be reconciled with that of culture, as the latter is a system of representation, in its sense “collective” corporate culture, French, American, Asian, mass culture… social and global consciousness, as much as entrepreneurial.

Consiousness that calls for “attention-oriented efforts” (focused attention and open attention) towards greater understanding and empowerment by individuals and communities of the ins and outs of their actions for the community and future generations.

We often don’t realize how important the company culture is for organizations where in fact it allows a clear decision process to have a motivated and committed staff to be aligned between the different departments and/or teams and to have a good cooperation, as everybody goes in the same direction.

There is not one kind of enterprise culture, there are many different ones.

Video about assessing your company’s culture fit for innovation.

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