The “Conscious Business” is about those who are aware of the impact their habits and actions have on their organization and their environment. Who know about their strengths and weaknesses, and who are ready to conduct business in a more engaging and inspiring way.

It require authentic leaders that do not exercise dominance and control to reach a goal, but who are of service to their business, co-workers , customers and community.

Leaders who seek to develop a consciousness, in accordance with ethical rules:  the inner and outer worlds as will and representation: ACTING LOCAL – THINKING GLOBAL.

Transform… suggest to help them to improve their global consciousness, which in turn will give them better results from having have a broader perspective on their market, shareholders and co-workers.

All the tools we use will help to develop the consciousness. This is why we focus on it at the start of every encounter with you.

The way we do it is explained in « our method ».

Let here be no doubt, Transform…’s team addresses a philosophical CONSCIOUSNESS for an enlightened CONSCIOUS BUSINESS, by voluntarily leaving aside the spiritual consciousness and the mindfulness.

We intervene with an open heart, mind and will to help the business leaders to develop their personal, entrepreneurial, social and global consciousness.

To clarify and realize their vision as long as their intent will be to support their co-workers, to be empowered and fulfilled. Together we will bring an added value to the society and the environment.


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