Development of the Adaptive Intelligence :

This training, is issued from the Neurosciences, the NBA (Neurocognitive and Behavioural Approach) and developed by the IME (Institut de Médecine Environnementale), which is a Neuroscientific Research Center based in Paris.

By better learning how your brain functions, how you take your decisions and how you can change your behaviour and by learning how to be in the right part of your brain depending on the situation you are faced, in other words how to switch from your Automatic Mental Mode (limbic brain) to your Adaptive Mental Mode (prefrontal neo cortex).

So you will learn how to have the appropriate behaviour in any circumstances, especially new, complex and unforeseen ones. This by becoming more emotionally intelligent (you will be able to better manage your emotions and not to undergo them). You will be able to stay calm in difficult situations.

As explained in « Our Method », we normally start any intervention in an organization with this training in adaptive intelligence, because a basic thing a leader needs to learn is to answer serenely any unexpected situation to be able to make good decisions without stress and to be able to listen actively even in difficult situations…


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