CONSCIOUS BUSINESS concerns those who are aware of the impact of their habits and actions have on their organization and their environment.

By being conscious that everything is interrelated, interdependent, interconnected, you can create a self fulfilling environment of work, create abilities to uplift humanity towards superior levels of planetary responsibilities.

It requires authentic leaders that do not exercise dominance and control to reach a goal, but who serve their business, co-workers , customers and community, through their ethics and good management of their behavior. Who knows about their strengths and weaknesses, and are ready to conduct business in a more engaging and inspiring way, in accordance with ethical rules : ACTING LOCAL-THINKING GLOBAL.

If they wish, we suggest to help them to improve their global consciousness, which in turn will give them better results from having a broader perspective on their market, shareholders and co-workers. Every time we meet them, we will focus on improving the global consciousness.

Let here be no confusion, the team of TRANSFORM… deals with a philosophical CONSCIOUSNESS* towards an enlightened CONSCIOUS BUSINESS, by voluntarily leaving aside the spiritual consciousness and the “Mindfulness” method.

*( “Mindfulness” is a method introduced into more and more corporations to, perhaps, serve their economic interests, with a great risk of instrumentalization.)

One of us, Michel Wils, is certified “Conscious Business Change Agent”(CBCA)

One of the teams we work with is Steve Lefevre’s team. Steve is also a CBCA.

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