Almost everything in an organisation has to do with the human BEHAVIOUR.

We are certified practitionners in the NBA (Neurocognitive and Behavioural Appoach), which is one the pillars of our approach.

A lack of self-knowledge has an impact on the knowledge of others and the world.

Am I conscious of the reality of myself and of others?

An intentional presence in the moment, which requires : listening, concentration, creativity, communication, sharing and serenity, the developping of the capacity to take better care of colleagues, collaborators and the planet, in a generous way.

– If a manager wants one of his co-workers to be more creative, he has to know how he can  help him change his behaviour.
– If a manager realizes he is too dominant and oppress the individuals around him, he has to know how he can change his behaviour to get more empathy (this could be avoiding harassment, sexism, burn out, agressivity, isolation and even suicide…)